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green. January 18, 2011

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Today is my first day posting a blog. I have always loved writing, and I love teaching people, so they go hand in hand. Everyday I have so many ideas and information about green ideas, that I cannot keep them to myself any longer! This one word intrigues me. The word green. What does it mean? Why is it used in our media everyday, and what is behind this new way of expressing this word.

In the dictionary it states it as a couple things. Such as:

1.Of the color of growing foliage, between yellow and blue in the spectrum: green leaves.

2.environmentally sound or beneficial.

3.characterized by the presence of verdure. 

4.fresh, recent, or new: an insult still green in his mind. 

5.immature in age or judgment; 

6.simple; unsophisticated;

When I see all these, I see that green can mean good and bad. I believe the newest way of using “green” pertaining to the environment, is positive, and  is all about giving back to the earth. The word is just a word. It is all about using it in the appropriate way, and using the ability to be green to your best. There are hundreds of ways to be green, even if it means something small like starting to recycle your cans and bottles.  If everyone did something a little green for the environment everyday, there would be billions of things happening that are positive for the environment, instead of only negative things. I feel like earth day should be everyday of the year. The earth takes care of us, and its up to us to show our respects and gratitude.

Love the life you live; Live the life you love. “Collie Buddz”

Strive to live a green lif3.

If you have any comments, feel free to comment. I enjoy feedback of all kinds.


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