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3 Easy ways to save water. January 24, 2011

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3 Easy ways to save water.

1. Check if your toilet is leaking. The way to fix this, is to drop 5 drops of food coloring,whichever color you prefer, into the tank(the top). About an hour or two later check if the color has gone into the bottom part(the bowl) at all. Even a little color means there is a leak. This simple fix could save you about $250 a year. Once you fix a leaky tank, you will save 18,000 gallons a year.

2. Either get a dual-flush toilet or make your into one. Dual flush toilets offer the idea of flushing only half the water for a number #1(pee) and a longer flush for a number #2. Most modern toilets have the dual flush policy, but they are expensive. To save money just make yours into one! This video will show you:

3. Save rain water or even just old water instead of throwing it down the sink. I have bought this rain barrell :

Rain Barrel

It can be useful to water plants and pets. Water gets better with age, like cheese and wine. There will be more water tricks to come! 🙂


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