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3 Useful ways to use a lemon. February 3, 2011

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1.) Clean a barbeque.
-When the coals are getting started and heating up, cut a lemon or any citrus in half. Use the lemon as a grill cleaner and wipe off the old grease. It is easier if the grill is getting warm. The will clean your grill and flavor your food!

2.)Clean the garbage disposal
-One of my moms secrets was to cut a lemon or use an old lemon peel and cut it into small pieces. She would put it down the drain with the garbage disposal. She would run the water and turn on the garbage disposal. The lemon cleans the blades and makes odors dissapear.

3.)Lemon the dye
-This last one is for anyone who wants their hair to turn a little blonder. If you squeeze lemon juice into your hair and go into the sun for at least 20 minutes, for at least 5-7 days, you will see some nice blond streaks and locks. This one has been used forever before hair dyes.


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