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Fleas no more! March 22, 2011

So I would like to introduce you to my two dogs. The first one is lucky, she is a chihuahua-pekinese(however you spell it). And the second is Twelve Gage, he is an American pitbull terrier(A nice one of course.)



Twelve Gage

Twelve Gage

The pitbull has too short of hair for fleas. But the small one has a major problem with fleas, always about this time of year. I can only imagine all the fleas she brings in with her. I have finally found a good way to rid of them, without any harmful sprays, creams, or chemicals of anykind. This contraption is called a fleatrap. Made from myfleatrap. I am seriously considering buying this for her. All pet owners (dogs or cats) should check this out. Fleas can bite humans as well! I hate bugs that bite!! So here is a link in the picture for the site, and below is also a video about the contraption they call a fleatrap! Finally a solution to these pests!


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  1. unusual Says:

    Kudos!! this is a very well written blog!

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