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Oh Garlic Breath. March 23, 2011

Oh Garlic. Garlic is a powerpacked punch of minerals like maganese, copper, iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium, aluminum, chlorine, and selenium. They contain vitamins like b6 and C and has a very distinctive smell. I have heard that taking your garlic (a small clove) like a pill without cooking it, it better for you because it has not had all the nutrients cooked away. Just don’t expect a hot date for the next day ahead(You will smell a little garlicy). This extraordinary plant can fight plauqe on your arteries walls, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, slow heart diesease(leading cause of death in America), and so much more. A recent study showed 50 people who already had been taking heart medication for blood pressure were put to the test. Twenty five people were given the normal heart medication, and the other half was given garlic as pills in replacement. The studies showed that garlic did a better job at keeping a normal blood pressure then the pills. Hows that for science? Garlic has been around since the Egyptian times. One thing I have learned in life, sometimes old ways are best, and this is a true example, of how to keep your heart healthy.


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