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Water and how thinking affects it. March 31, 2011

This post will be part of a 3 part series on the importance of water and positive and negative thoughts. This is the first.

I want to share something that has been thought of by many. That our words and thoughts affect things around us. For example, Dr. Emoto Masaru, from Japan, has been studying the relationship between the two for years. He did a couple mind blowing experiments.

The first I seen was an experiment on the thoughts of humans and how it affects water. They would think different things to water samples and cryogenically freeze them, quickly. They looked at the molecules of the frozen water under a microscope. The results were breathtaking and lifechanging. This is the video I watched.

The second experiment I watched was with rice. They had three beakers, they put rice in. They added water to each of them. Every day to the first jar he said, Thank you to the jar. The second he said you are an idiot. The third he ignored completely. The results were even more shocking then the snowflake experiment. Here it is.

So are water is the essence of all life. Looking at other planets to see if there is life, we look for water. We are made up of 70-90% water. There is only 1% fresh water on earth. The other belongs to 97% salt water and 2% icecaps. We use water for everything. After seeing this, I know I will pray silently to my water before drinking it, using it to cook, and even before watering my plants. I hope you will too!


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