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The sides to Excercise and Laziness April 11, 2011

       So once upon a time I was a gymnast. I did gymnastics for 8 years, worked out in a gym 20 hours a week. I won many awards and attended a top gym in Southern California. Excercise was a breeze. I always expected myself to be full of energy and still love to excercise when I got older. Wrong was I. Now I am a little older, 21 in age, and I hate to excercise. I am the laziest person I know, eating doughnuts and taking naps every day. I believe my body went on energy overload, and burnt out. After I quit gymnastics I was a gymnastics coach for about 3 years, so I still excercised by spotting little kids during flips, and moving mats all day. So I never experienced the effects until about a year ago.

          Now I see the cellulite and fat start to grow on me. So I decided to be tough on myself again. I realized thats the only way to lose weight, but more importantly feel more energetic everyday. I had to kick the habit of buying cheesburgers from the many fast food joints around my house, and cook healthy food. Next I went with my boyfriend, and pitbull named Twelve Gage to a hill located behind a college about a half mile from our house. today was my second day of running the designated path they have, and man do I already feel better.

       After the first day I went ot sleep right when we got home, and woke up very hungry. I ate some carrots and dip and went back to sleep. After today, the second day, I felt so motivated in life, I had to get on the computer and write about it. I hope going again tomorrow will help me gain even more energy as I lose the 15 pounds I have gained in the last year. I may not be overweight, be even for me, It is hard to lose the weight, and is better to always consistently exercise.

        Not everyone has a hill close to home, as I undertsand. It may be  unsafe to run around your neighborhood. In that case just excercise inside your home, with aerobics or pilates, or even yoga.  Maybe sit-ups or push-ups are what you need.

 I am going to post more in the next couple days about, three levels of excercise, as most are not ready for intense excercises. I will have the three stages labeled, light, moderate, and extreme excercise. I will also do a separate post on the different excercises for different areas of the body. Tell me your stories, I would love to hear them.


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