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Weighing down the pounds part 1 April 12, 2011

So as to my post on April 11th titled: The sides to excercise and laziness  . This is a 2nd post about excercising. Today was my third day excercising, and I explained in my last post about the three levels of excercise. Three easy ways to evaluate your level of excercise possible is to ask yourself this question.

1.) How long has it been since you excercised regularly?

A couple weeks: means your a potential extreme excerciser

A couple months- to a year: Start with a moderate excercise

Years, or possibly never: Begin with a low level of excercise.

So for myself, I consider myself a moderate excerciser, even though when I was younger I did excercise 20 hours in a gym a week. But that was years ago, and I am not in that type of shape any longer.

Today I will post about low levels of excercise, as that is where most people should start to be safe. The next two days will be about moderate and extreme. Now NOTE: I am not a gym trainer, I did coach gymnastics and I understand the aspects of excercise, but remember this is for informational use, and however you use it, is up to you!

So to begin with something simple,

1.) Wear comfortable clothes, have enough room to move around, and be around someone you feel comfortable with, or be around no one at all.

2.) Stretch always before excercising. Even if you cannot stretch that far (touching your toes or stretching your back)  practice does make your muscles slowly stretch, if you do it every day, your muscles will eventually start at the farthest you stretch them every time. It is possible, even if you think its not. Believe in yourself. Weither you are just trying to stay in shape or trying to lose weight, this is important. Breathe slowly and deeply when stretching, it relaxes your muscles to let them go farther. Hold every stretch for 30 seconds, and DO NOT do them fast, you could pull a muscle that way. But do push yourself past your limits slowly , and you will feel more bendy in no time!

3.)Start with something easy like low levels of yoga or pilates. Even if you feel stupid or not able, don’t give up, every one has a hard time in the beginning. Believe in yourself. If it is tough for you, start with only 10-15 mintues of it. Maybe only stretch, but as each day goes on you will find it easier to do these excercises in no time.

4.) Start with 20 crunches, and 5 push-ups.  Other people are stronger then others, so adjust the numbers as you need, Set a goal each day increasing the numbers as the days go on. Today my number of crunches was 50 and tomorrow I plan for 60. It definently should be an everyday part of your routine, and it only takes like 2 mintues to finish. 

5.) Take a walk. Maybe for 5 mintues, or 10. You should feel your legs muscles get tired. If its not safe around your neighborhood, then scratch that and stick to the in home stuff.

Start with this low level of excercise for at least a week. Less or more, depending on your shape. Then move on to the next post.. Remember the first couple days you will feel more tired after these excercises. Soon enough you will feel the energy come back into your life. Make sure to eat well, and drink plently of water. Stay away from fatty foods, and don’t eat right before bed. (your metabolism changes) These positive changes in yourlife, like all, will take time to see effects, but as I practice what I preach, I see my energy levels rising already, and its only day 3 for me!


2 Responses to “Weighing down the pounds part 1”

  1. Griever Says:

    Have you tried buying a Kinect for the XBox 360. I burn calories playing Dance Central, about 400-500 a day. But there are better ways, I only chose Dance Central because since I love video games, dancing, and I’m uber competitive, it motivates me to workout this way. (Actually just wrote a blog about this topic today…)

    I’ll post a link for you to checkout, it contains Workouts for Kinect. 🙂

  2. […] for me. This is the 3rd and final blog this one focusing on extreme workouts. The first was beginner workouts and the 2nd was moderate workouts. Working out for the people looking for some spice […]

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