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Earth Day 2011 April 20, 2011

So Earth day is scheduled for April 22nd 2011. I was just curious, because I can’t think of a thing unique to do for Earth Day..So I was wondering what everybodys else great ideas were. I feel it is my duty to Mother Earth to show my respect and gratitude on Earth Day.

Last year I made  my Green Lif3 site  So it will be my one year anniversary! Thats about how long it took me to kick off the website anyways! I am glad that I spent the entire year writing and researching green ideas. I know I can make an impact in at least someones life, and that alone makes me happy!

Let me know your ideas, I would love to post them, and I promise I will post a list of my ideas, before April 22nd! Thank you for your feedback! 

The art above, is just a little design I made! =)


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