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Make your Beef Healthier. May 16, 2011

I would say that alot of Americans love hamburgers or tacos. Yes while they are delicious, it is said that they are not the healthiest meats out there for you. I have used a secret passed down from my grandmother for as long as I know. The secret is to put either fresh rosemary leaves or rosemary oil in your ground beef when cooking it. The rosemary herb has special components that take out all the unhealthy  toxins in your beef, and extract it into the oil. Try it, rosemary that is fresher works the best.  You can get rosemary at your local super market i the veggies section.

Rosemary oil is simple to make, put a whole leave brach into a jar of extra virgin olive oil ( however big you wish) and let it sit in there in a room temp place for about a week. There you go! Simple and homemade rosemary oil! (Even if the oil still smells like olive oil, its ok its infused with rosemary.)


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