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Writers Block May 24, 2011

I never thought when starting a blog, that I would ever feel so attached to it, nor did I think that I would succeed in posting well informed blogs.(I know I still have a ways to go) I see other blogs about peoples lives, and they write them so poetically, and I give them all props. I truely love how others can write their day to day lives and find people who enjoy what they write.

I would just like to thank the people who have commented on my blogs, they have inspired me so much that what I am doing is making a statement to someones life. Even if I only changed one person’s thoughts on life, on green ideas, and how easy they are, then I feel like I have succeeded. So I just want to say Thank You!!!

I also this week have experienced w r i t e r s b l o c k. I never thought it possible, and never have experienced it before. I didn’t know what to write about, even though I have a list of 100 subjects to write about on my list. I hit a wall, where I would only go on and check for comments, and stats. (Yes Im stats obssessed, I admit it)

Yesterday my sister gave me this book by Elizabeth Chandler, called Kissed By An Angel.

I finished it today. It has three books in one, and they all are the same story. It was so captivating, that the first thing I did today after finishing it, was sign on the wordpress and blog this. =] I hope this writers block is gone and I can produce even better posts now. It was a great book and I reccommend it to anyone who likes to get face first in a good book, and loves suspense. Thank you Elizabeth Chandler!


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