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Mind Body and Soul May 29, 2011

I wanted to make a statement about finding balance between your mind,body, and soul. I feel with each person, it is different, and what can help them find the balance will be different. With some people yoga helps them relieve stress, others it is hobbies like knitting, or working in a garden, or even playing a sport.  But relieving stress is only one component with finding who you are.

I have lately been doing some soul searching. I have tried to find out who I am, who I want to be, and how I can preserve those qualities. I am a Pisces, and my fiancee is a Virgo, ((exact opposites)), and as they say, Pisces are very spiritual and have psychic abilities.  Pisces naturally have these qualities all the way from birth, while Virgo’s life long mission is to find out how to become more spiritual and learn about the things we cannot see. I believe that to be completely true. When searching for my soul, I have realized alot about how my mind automatically reaches for the clouds, and the things that cannot be seen are more familiar to me, than logical things. My fiancee is a logical thinker and loves to search for the exact words that describe him, while I just feel what describes me better. Thats what I am trying to say, he uses words, while I use feelings.

So in the basis of my soul searching, I wanted to think about my reasons for starting greenlif3. I really want to get my ideas out there, and what better way than a blog. I really want to make an impact and show people my good intentions for the world. I love the earth, and I know others out there do too, or are open to try. A funny quote reaches my head at this.

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” C.S. Lewis

So reach in your soul, sit down quietly for a couple minutes and try to find your purpose of life. This question can be intrepreted many ways, but it all winds down to the same thing, why are we here? I truly believe each person has a different mission to be on. and each person will be more balanced once they have figured that out.

For me, I realize my place on earth is to help others. I have coached gymnastics, started greenlif3, its all in my cards.  In about 5-10 years, I would love to own my own doggie rescue center.( If anyone knows a good way to start let me know thanks!)

So I was walking around my house, and I was thinking about all the things me and my fiancee have bought to make our house more lucky, and balanced. I have taken some pictures to show you guys, and some of these things are really cool!


Lucky Bamboo- Its a real plant =]



Lucky Buddha Pendant. My fiancee Austin, really enjoys this. He says it brings good spirits to the house.


A Salt Rock. This one is my favorite. I posted a pic with the candle lit and unlit to show you how bright this baby lights up. It is a real salt rock with a lightbulb inside that when lit, produces air purifying qualities. In Swizterland they have a hospital under a salt mine, and they have a 95% patient revive rate with people with lung problems. They are good for cleaning the air.



Gemstones- This small bowl of gemstones is meant to keep the body’s chi in balance. We sleep with these by our head on the headboard. We have a mixture of many stones, but the ones that mean most are the amethyst for Pisces, and Peridot for Virgo. If you have ever heard of chakra stones, some of the essentials are here.


A dreamcatcher- These have been around forever, orignally from Native Americans. They help trap your bad dreams, and only let you have good dreams. It is said if you have a dreamcatcher that was used by someone else before, that you will have bad dreams because it is not your own. I usually have good dreams, just remembering them is the problem. =)


A peace ring. A gift from my mother, I wear this everyday because of the words on it. In a continuous circle there are the words Peace, Mind, Body, Spirit, Love. No matter when I look at it, it has good vibes, and usually says something relevant to whats goig on at the time. (It slides in circles, but never falls off)




So all of these things are bringing us luck and balance. Feel free to share your opinions and beliefs, as I would love to read or write about them, whichever you prefer!


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