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Three Ways to be Greener August 16, 2011

I came across this app/site the other day that tracks your mileage and carbon footprint of your weekly commute. Its simple and eco friendly to use.


There are many plastic bags being thrown in landfills everyday. The best idea is for us to reuse the bags we have, and these ecobags are durable and lightweight. Once you get enough bags, you can prevent 15 bags or more from being sent to a landfill.
This is my goal to buy some after this next paycheck.


These reusable water bottles make life easy. They filter the water inside the bottle, and when you drink it, it is refreshing and smart. I bring one to work every day because I use water bottles anyway. I save at least 30 plastic bottles a month by switching to a reusable bottle in general. I even try to reuse the plastic ones when necessary. If everyone switched to resuable bottles, they would stop throwing away plastic ones and the earth would appreciate it.

Hydros Filtering Water Bottles


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