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Waterfalls Close to Home September 1, 2011

Im sure many Southern Californians do not know these waterfalls exist, yet they are huge! Once you climb up enough to get to the waterfall, you can feel the air get lighter and cooler. Here in Cali it has been getting over a hundred degrees everyday, so going to the waterfall was a great idea. It is 70 feet tall, and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. If you live any where by a mountain there is a chance for a waterfall. The place we went to is called Bonita Falls, but is in the town of Lytle Creek. It is less than a mile off the road so it is fairly easy. It cost me $5 to park, and they gave me a map of the waterfalls at the ranger station. Its too hard to explain in anything but pictures!!






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