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About Greenlif3 January 16, 2011

Greenlif3 was created to spread the ideas of going green, and how to save money at the same time. None of these products are my own, and I enjoy sharing what I find with people. I would like to see my efforts make a difference in the everyday lives of  the people on Earth. Feel free to leave comments and questions on my site, as I enjoy seeing feedback of my readers. I will also take requests for people who need advice, or would like a great green idea posted! I have a site I have been working on as well, check it out!! Thank you, and love the life you live, and live the life you love! ❤

Greenlif3’s site


One Response to “About Greenlif3”

  1. Dear Greenlif3, I enjoyed many of your suggestions, and are looking forward to more green reviews. As a Ford hybrid automotve technician i enjoy being a part of the green movement. I know it’s important we stay on the greenlif3 path to preserve our planet. Your work here is very valuable.

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