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To the GreenLif3 community: December 19, 2012

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I must say, I have not put my heart into every post like I expected of myself when making this blog. I make a new year resolution to put more time and content into these blogs. I have so much to write about, I might as well get it out! And this information can really help people, as myself I am still trying to change my habits into more healthy and green conscious. Everyday I think of more and more to write about, so here it is. Its for the readers that I have decided to put my heart into this, so here i go! Happy Holidays everyone!!


Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet Review October 30, 2012

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I am an amazon fanatic (if you haven’t noticed,) and I have fallen in love with amazons green page. Which is natural considering I write a green blog =p. So when I saw that they have a set of products designed to save energy with our plugs, I was immediately excited. This means around christmas time when my computer is not being used, this neat device will put it in power save mode. This is essential for me, because around this time of year my electric bill sky rockets. Even the rest of the year I can have peace of mind, and wont worry about shutting off each appliance. This is great for washers and dryers as well, which aren’t used all the time, but always plugged in. Check it out for yourself, I included consumer reviews as well so you can see which type of module would suit you best! =]




Consumer reviews: very helpful in deciding which product. =]


Deodorant Warning: Bad for Kidneys October 29, 2012

The high levels of alumiunum in our deodorant is highly toxic for people with kidney problems. Some doctors say It is nothing to worry about, but if that is the label, its there for a reason. They have to put it, because of how much damage is done to the kidneys.

There are so many people born with kidney problems, that this is one thing that they would not notice is continuing to hamr their kidneys. Not just to think of all the healthy kidneys being affected!! Spread the word!! =]

I have been searching for aluminum free deodorant, hope it still works good!!

I have included a link for some deodorants.and one on an article. The world should know about these warnings!!  =]



Toxin Remover Super Food Smoothies October 22, 2012


Everyday we are surrounded by harmful toxins in our air, water, and food. We really have to get the heavy metal toxins out of our system if we want to stop heart disease and most cancers. A daily food routine of lots of veggies and fruits will eliminate toxins from the antioxidants. Foods high in vitamin C such as citrus, or bell peppers are good antioxidants. Vitamin A found in many orange fruits and veggies such as mangos, pineapple, squash, carrots, they All contain beta carotene which helps get the blood rid of these daily toxins. Here is a smoothie recipe with super fruit berries that is delicious and extremely healthy!

Superfood smoothie recipe


1/2 cup blueberries(fresh never frozen)
1/2 cup Acai berries(found at a local organic store)
3 scoops vanilla ice cream or 1/2 cup ice as preferred
4 strawberries sliced in half
1/4 of a pineapple
1/2 cup water or milk as preferred. ( if you like milk use ice cream, if you like water use ice)

Blend all together in a blender. This makes about 4 large servings so you can always use less or more of this to make how many you need.


Solar USB Charger October 18, 2012

After buying this, I will never rely on an outlet again!! I was skeptical at first, but I have been reading into it, and I see that it is compatible with many things, my cell phone, ipad, everything. I am so excited, and to think I could getit from amazon!! Score!!


Breast Cancer Cake Pops October 11, 2012

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Just thought I would share this beautiful picture of cake pops, for the month of Oct. being breast cancer awareness month!! I want to learn how to make these!!


J.K. Rowling’s New Book!! October 4, 2012

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Jk Rowling is on a roll with her new book. I just bought it from amazon today!! So excited to read it, even if it is nothing like Harry Potter, I’m sure I’ll like it!!


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