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A Simple Life August 8, 2011

Lately Life has been pretty hectic, and sometimes I just want to believe that life really is simpler than we make it. I have been taking the time to relax and simplify my life to help keep my focus on becoming greener. Being green means understanding the life around you and how you affect it. Once you think of being green as an act of good for all, then you got the right idea about what it means to be green.

Just a couple ideas to make your days easier

Take a trip to the library

This is good to keep your brain moving, and its free. Not many things in life are free anymore, and we should embrace that!

Use Organic cleaning products.

Products like seventh generation, and simple green work well against all messes, and is better for you and your families health, and the environment. Many companies are starting to use 100% recycled plastic bottles, which also is helping with the earth.

Need more energy??

The foods you eat every day have an affect on your energy level and mood. Eating red meats such as ground beef can leave you feeling sleepy, while fish which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help you feel more energized. The same goes for vegetables. Veggies that have been cooked have less nutrients, therefore leaving you feeling less energzed and full of vitamins, so always try to eat them raw or uncooked. Eating more whole grains instead of white breads will help as well. The healthier you eat the more you feel energized. Another important component of feeling more energized every day is your sleep pattern. If you are sleeping too much, or not enough, or don’t go to bed and wake up at a consistent time and schedule it can affect your daytime hours. It is important to know when to sleep and for how long. Teens tend to sleep more than adults because of their growing stages. All in all, it is imporant to feel your best, so treat your body and mind well.


Make your Beef Healthier. May 16, 2011

I would say that alot of Americans love hamburgers or tacos. Yes while they are delicious, it is said that they are not the healthiest meats out there for you. I have used a secret passed down from my grandmother for as long as I know. The secret is to put either fresh rosemary leaves or rosemary oil in your ground beef when cooking it. The rosemary herb has special components that take out all the unhealthy  toxins in your beef, and extract it into the oil. Try it, rosemary that is fresher works the best.  You can get rosemary at your local super market i the veggies section.

Rosemary oil is simple to make, put a whole leave brach into a jar of extra virgin olive oil ( however big you wish) and let it sit in there in a room temp place for about a week. There you go! Simple and homemade rosemary oil! (Even if the oil still smells like olive oil, its ok its infused with rosemary.)


The amazing uses of Tea Tree Oil March 22, 2011

So for about a month I experienced this weird bump right behind my ear. It was not a pimple, it was bigger and it didn’t hurt, but it was there, and growing pretty fast. I was really worried that it could be a tumor, because my uncle had once had a brain tumor. So I, of course went to google for some answers. I found this oil called tea tree oil. It is made in Australia from the Tea Tree. I found a local organic shop in town that sold it. I got mine for about $8.00. It took about 3 days and the bump started getting smaller. It retracted faster than it had grown! So it only took a couple drops on my finger to solve my problem. A couple weeks later, my friend had been bitten by a spider, not a poisonous one, but the bump was about the size of a quarter. He only put it one his arm one time, and it healed the spider bite completely, within that night. Very randomnly my sister was telling me about her acne on her back. She had looked up some natural cures, and tea tree oil was in the recipe. She mixed apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil into a small jar and has been using that. She is saving herself alot of money by not buying her doctors prescrition acne treatment, Differin. So that is just three ways I myself have expreienced this natural cure. The bottle can last you forever, because it is so potent you only need a couple drops. The smell is very discintive, and it warns you on the bottle, not to put it on your face driectly. mix it with about a tablespoon of water and you will be safe to put it on your face. This is a great money saver and very healthy, compared to creams and washes. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic, and the uses are endless. Please, comment about how you are planning on using this oil, as it is amazing a small bit of oil can help with your health! I have posted a link to a website of where you can buy tea tree oil.

 For Tea Tree Oil Click Here


Avacado Face Mask February 7, 2011

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A Face Mask the Natural Way.

1. 1 Avacado (ripe)
2. 2 tbsp plain yogurt

Cut avacado in half and take seed out. Take out green part of avacado and put in a bowl. Mush it into a gucamole like texture. Add plain yogurt and stir evenly. Spread on face, avoiding eyes. Let sit for 20 minutes. Wash off and feel how smooth your face will be!
(If you are allergic to these ingredients, you can substitute them both or one for sour cream. Have fun with it, its up to you! )


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