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Bamboo Skateboards August 30, 2012

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I came across this right now, and thought immediately of posting it, mainly for the coolness factor. These are skateboards and longboards that are made from bamboo, They look pretty strong and smooth. Too bad im not better at skateboarding. ;]



The Sky is Green. June 27, 2011

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So Lately I have not been able to post any blogs, as I just started my new job. I promise I will find time to keep blogging, as it has become second nature to me. I am truely sorry about the time frame of no posts. =[  it makes me sad to think so much time has gone by. But now there will be more posting done, so hooray!!


Bloggapedia May 26, 2011

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I just found this blog directory where you can post your blog link.. Not too sure how it works but its something that might be a good idea. =)

Blog Directory


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