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Make your Beef Healthier. May 16, 2011

I would say that alot of Americans love hamburgers or tacos. Yes while they are delicious, it is said that they are not the healthiest meats out there for you. I have used a secret passed down from my grandmother for as long as I know. The secret is to put either fresh rosemary leaves or rosemary oil in your ground beef when cooking it. The rosemary herb has special components that take out all the unhealthy  toxins in your beef, and extract it into the oil. Try it, rosemary that is fresher works the best.  You can get rosemary at your local super market i the veggies section.

Rosemary oil is simple to make, put a whole leave brach into a jar of extra virgin olive oil ( however big you wish) and let it sit in there in a room temp place for about a week. There you go! Simple and homemade rosemary oil! (Even if the oil still smells like olive oil, its ok its infused with rosemary.)


An easy and natural citrus facial April 2, 2011

This recipe is for oily skin. It will help balance your face so it’s not too shiny, but still has it’s beauty. It’s very easy to make and very cheap at that.  It is 100% all natural chemical free, and thats what matters. Your skin will absorb anything you put on your skin, sot he chemicals aren’t cutting it.


1 teaspoon lemon juice (You may substitute grapefruit,  orange or, another citrus juice, but don’t mix them.)
2 teaspoons honey
6 ounces plain yogurt
1 drop ylang-ylang essential oil (optional)
1/4 cup oatmeal or crushed almonds (optional)


1. Blend ingredients.
2. Apply to face.
3. Allow to dry.
4. Rinse with warm water.

This do it yourself recipe is just one of many I will post on greenlif3. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Tell me what you think!


Lemon brown sugar body scrub

This body scrub cleanses and exfoliates the skin, improves blood circulation, and removes toxins from your body. Use it in the shower and this all natural body scrub will do wonders. Best part about it is that it’s inexpensive and made with items probably already in your home.


1/4 cup coarse borwn sugar (gently exfoliates without drying skin)

1 cup grapeseed oil or olive oil. (to moisturize)

1/4 grated lemon peel (to invigorate the senses)


1.) Mix all ingrdients in medium sized bowl

2.)Gently rub on body, especially knees, elbows, and heels.

3.)Rinse with warm water

Iv’e been using this recipe for about a year now, and it works better then any product from the store, it has no chemicals, and I know its healthy for the skin. Enjoy!


Solar Panel Review April 1, 2011

Solar Panels.

Many think it is expensive to add solar panels to your house. Just in the last 6 months two of my neighbors have added solar panels. So it got me thinking, there is got to be an easy way to do this, and at a good price. I found this website.

What I enjoyed about this site was that they had learning kits, if you felt a little afraid to do it yourself, but wanted to learn how. I bought the first learning tool listed.

They are a company based in Colorado, and they live off the grid themselves. I was really pleased with the timely manner they answered my questions through email. I would recommend reasearching how to install this, but once you do, its easy.

Heres a couple examples of What the solar kits look like from their site.

60-Watt charging solar kit

Sun set: Complete 1.8 kW grid tie solar kit

So keep in mind that you will need a sunny area on your house or yard, from 11:00Am to 6:00 PM daily. You can recieve tax rebates for your solar panels depending on your systems performance. You can start small and add more in the future, anything taking away from your electricity bill is worth it! If you spend from $100-200 a month on electric power, I would highly suggest switching to solar power.They also have charging kits for your cell phones or laptops, which are very useful! They charge in the sun then you can bring them inside to use them. My house is under construction right now, I will provide pictures when it is finished.


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