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Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet Review October 30, 2012

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I am an amazon fanatic (if you haven’t noticed,) and I have fallen in love with amazons green page. Which is natural considering I write a green blog =p. So when I saw that they have a set of products designed to save energy with our plugs, I was immediately excited. This means around christmas time when my computer is not being used, this neat device will put it in power save mode. This is essential for me, because around this time of year my electric bill sky rockets. Even the rest of the year I can have peace of mind, and wont worry about shutting off each appliance. This is great for washers and dryers as well, which aren’t used all the time, but always plugged in. Check it out for yourself, I included consumer reviews as well so you can see which type of module would suit you best! =]




Consumer reviews: very helpful in deciding which product. =]


Solar Panel Review April 1, 2011

Solar Panels.

Many think it is expensive to add solar panels to your house. Just in the last 6 months two of my neighbors have added solar panels. So it got me thinking, there is got to be an easy way to do this, and at a good price. I found this website.

What I enjoyed about this site was that they had learning kits, if you felt a little afraid to do it yourself, but wanted to learn how. I bought the first learning tool listed.

They are a company based in Colorado, and they live off the grid themselves. I was really pleased with the timely manner they answered my questions through email. I would recommend reasearching how to install this, but once you do, its easy.

Heres a couple examples of What the solar kits look like from their site.

60-Watt charging solar kit

Sun set: Complete 1.8 kW grid tie solar kit

So keep in mind that you will need a sunny area on your house or yard, from 11:00Am to 6:00 PM daily. You can recieve tax rebates for your solar panels depending on your systems performance. You can start small and add more in the future, anything taking away from your electricity bill is worth it! If you spend from $100-200 a month on electric power, I would highly suggest switching to solar power.They also have charging kits for your cell phones or laptops, which are very useful! They charge in the sun then you can bring them inside to use them. My house is under construction right now, I will provide pictures when it is finished.


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