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Energy Saving Lightbulbs May 11, 2011

This is something I have been putting off for awhile, but I finally decided to order some energy saving lightbulbs. These lightbulbs are said to have used 75% less energy and last ten times longer. They will save me $40 per bulb throughout their lifetime. I got them from amazon(god knows they have like anything you could want) and I am having them shipped to my house. I paid a very reasonable price for them, considering that I will be saving money on my electricity bill. So in about a week when they arrive I will have officially switched all my regular lightbulbs for energy saving ones. =)


Weighing Down the Pounds-Part 3 April 27, 2011

So as this is part 3 of a series on losing weight and gaining more energy every day, I must say, this one was difficult for me. This is the 3rd and final blog this one focusing on extreme workouts. The first was beginner workouts and the 2nd was moderate workouts. Working out for the people looking for some spice in their lives might be doing extreme excercises. Wether your an athlete or a hobbyist, extreme excercising should be about something you love to do. I am not a triathalon athlete, and not a daredevil, never skydived, bungee jumped, extreme rock climbed, gone wakeboarding , I’ve done nothing too crazy. Except the other day, I found a way to mix something I love, into extreme workouts.Austin and I went to a place in the San Bernardino, Ca Forest to a series of waterfalls called Bonita Falls, located in the town of Lytle Creek.

Weve been to Lytle Creek many times, and the times before this a park ranger told us about the 70 foot waterfalls, so we planned to take a trip back up there soon. We went up there last Saturday, and what an experience that was!

You start out crossing this small creek, barely up to your ankles, then there is about 10-15 mintues of flat rock crossing, and you just follow the water into this stretch of the mountains. So on the left all the sudden there is this little trail going up. You climb that (Its difficult but not too much) and the trail lasts about another 7-10 minutes. it ends up right in front of a waterfall. This waterfall is about 70 feet high. The mist of the falling water cools you down after that tough climb.

Heres some pictures of the intensity of it. =)

The trail ends next to the pool of water the waterfall falls into. It is surprisngly only like 3-4 feet deep , but the water was too cold to go in( Not until summer). You can touch the waterfall! So crazy. Then there is this huge slab of rock my boyfriend wanted to climb up, so up we went. The view was breathtaking, and that set us about halfway up the waterfall, but not able to touch it anymore. The day after, my legs were so sore. It was worth the climb, and I felt better after a couple days of recovery. I consider this extreme excercising, because we drove 30 minutes to get there, and took another 30 to hike there, and it was no easy hike! Extreme Excercising has to be done carefully, and make sure it is something you love to do. Being in nature I would say is the most popular way to extremely workout. You feel part of the earth when your out there, it relieves stress and improves your bodys functions. Some people do exercise everyday, but I know it is hard. So at least try to extremely excercise once a month to start! You will feel better in no time!

Much love from GreenLif3


Weighing down the pounds: part 2 April 14, 2011


So Everyone needs an excercising buddy, and mine happens to be an American Pitbull Terrier. His name is Gage, and We go up to a hill close behind the college in town. (only after stretching of course). He loves to run and feel the open air, and that alone makes me feel better about life. I am not fond of excercising, but seeing how much he loves it, it makes me like it a little.

So today I’m going to talk about moderate excercise. There are a wide variety of ways to moderately excercise including, riding a bike, jogging, hiking, swimming, jumping on a trampoline,aerobics, pilates, yoga, rollar skating, skateboarding, playing a sport that you love. I find it best to love what your doing when you excercise, then it doesn’t seem like a chore.

So start with some stretches, so you don’t pull any muscles.

Then begin your excercising, and do it for at least half an hour. Don’t overdo yourself, but keep your heart rate up and feel the burn! =)

You can do more than one thing in a day, if you wish. I try to do three different things each week for 30 minutes. I ride a bike one day, hike with my puppy another day, and jog the third day. Keeping at least three days for excercising is not too much, and not too little. Then you have days in between to relax. Remember excercising isn’t about getting skinny. Its about feeling good in your body, loving who you are, and having more energy when you wake up the next day.

I am not fond of excercising but its important to live a healthy lifestyle. It is good for your heart to excercise, and helps maintain the blood flow to be normal. I know it’s hard to fit it into your weekly routine. Once you do, you will feel more energy at work and school and have more time to spend with loved ones, then sleeping. I will be posting a post on extreme excercise next.


Solar Panels for a brighter future. April 12, 2011

So I have decided to put solar panels on my house, which for me a perfectionist, I am going to do alot of research first. It seems that
Solar Spheral
has everything I will need, and I am debating on how many panels to install. The question is, do I want to have no bill or a small electric bill every month. Of course the answer is obvious, but as I am on a small budget, I have to do this the right way.
So I found out that to put together your solar panels, you will need cells, wiring, and diodes, which thankfully come with one of their fancy kits. I thought for sure I was going to have to learn a bunch of mumbo jumbo from multiple sites, but I didn’t.

They have a email support, which is nice, because I really don’t know what I’m doing to put this stuff on my house. But all in all, its a project that Im ready to tackle, in the hopes of my electric bills diminishing. Soon my house will be basking in the sun and soaking it up like my puppy, who loves to sun bath. It makes me wonder, does he store energy much like the solar cells?
Anyways, to anyone out there who knows a bit about solar panels, please help! Any suggestions or any comments, will help greatly. I have a two story house, which I will put the cells on the only one story roof, which faces the east, and gets all the sun. I have a 1,205 sq. ft. house. Thank you!


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