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Clean Spirit for a happy you. August 22, 2012

I came across this website, and thought it looked really good. I decided to try the olive oil hair wash. Im really excited to try it!!


I really enjoy seeing sites like this, it def. gives you that natural and healthy feel!!




Growing your own garden. May 5, 2011

So it’s that time of year. Where people start seeds from start or they buy small plants from stores. I personally have a mix of both. I have always grown a garden this time of year for about 5 years now. Some have been extravagant, and some small. This year I would say is relatively smaller than normal. I originally got the inspiration from my grandmother.  She loves to grow tomatoes, green beans, eggplant, squash, and strawberries. She also has herbs like rosemary and thyme.  I look up to her love for the earth so much, as I believe sometimes life revolved around technology can easily make us forget the importance of life and earth. She is everything you think of a grandmother I call her Oma.

This is her garden this year.









She has a very cute little garden.


My garden is much smaller, and I post pictures of them tomorrow. Just thought I’d share how beautiful my gma’s work is.


Weighing down the pounds: part 2 April 14, 2011


So Everyone needs an excercising buddy, and mine happens to be an American Pitbull Terrier. His name is Gage, and We go up to a hill close behind the college in town. (only after stretching of course). He loves to run and feel the open air, and that alone makes me feel better about life. I am not fond of excercising, but seeing how much he loves it, it makes me like it a little.

So today I’m going to talk about moderate excercise. There are a wide variety of ways to moderately excercise including, riding a bike, jogging, hiking, swimming, jumping on a trampoline,aerobics, pilates, yoga, rollar skating, skateboarding, playing a sport that you love. I find it best to love what your doing when you excercise, then it doesn’t seem like a chore.

So start with some stretches, so you don’t pull any muscles.

Then begin your excercising, and do it for at least half an hour. Don’t overdo yourself, but keep your heart rate up and feel the burn! =)

You can do more than one thing in a day, if you wish. I try to do three different things each week for 30 minutes. I ride a bike one day, hike with my puppy another day, and jog the third day. Keeping at least three days for excercising is not too much, and not too little. Then you have days in between to relax. Remember excercising isn’t about getting skinny. Its about feeling good in your body, loving who you are, and having more energy when you wake up the next day.

I am not fond of excercising but its important to live a healthy lifestyle. It is good for your heart to excercise, and helps maintain the blood flow to be normal. I know it’s hard to fit it into your weekly routine. Once you do, you will feel more energy at work and school and have more time to spend with loved ones, then sleeping. I will be posting a post on extreme excercise next.


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