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Coconut Oil – A conditioner alternative June 9, 2014


Coconut Oil has many benefits for your health, skin, and hair, and is becoming more widespread for its use and more acknoledged as a must have in homes everywhere. I bought my first tub of organic coconut oil mostly for the hair benefits, to be used as a conditioner, but since I have boughten it, I have used it for many uses, including cooking.

I have red hair naturally, and while my hair is thick, I have a thin type of hair, I just have alot of it. My hair responds well to leave in conditioners, and anything that doesn’t weigh it down and lets it flow.  My first try with coconut oil I must say was very frustrating. I put too much in the top (and I still only used a couple drops), And it held down my hair like a grease monkey. The water does not really wash it out where you put it, so I had to wait a day or so for it to work its way out. All hair types are different, which makes looking for organic shampoo and conditioner that much harder, but i decided not to give up on coconut oil. After all, it did leave my hair with a really nice shine afterwards.

So the next time I tried it, things went much better. I poured only a drop in my hand and started at the tips, and worked my way into my hair with never really touching the top of my head at all, to only have the bottom taken care of. It worked very well, my hair was left with a wonderful shine and was not a grease ball, instead my hair had the same bounce but with the added shine and luster of coconut oil.

Now this was with me still using my regular Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner, I have not switched over to organic as of yet, as I need to find a way to make my own that works everytime.

So I consider me using the coconut oil only as a last leave in conditioner treatment, but I will still wash it out a bit to ensure my hair doesn’t absorb too much of it.

I do not use this treatment everyday, as my hair is fine and will not take too much to hold it down. All hair types vary, and if you have thicker, drier hair this might work very well for you.

My experience with the coconut oil is one I wanted to share so all will know that it is such a healthy oil that we need to use more often. I have used it in replace of cooking oil, have used it to make scars less visable, including strech marks, used it as tanning oil before going into the sun, etc. Everytime I find a new use for it I am excited to try it and use the organic ways of life. One more transition on my way to living an organic life.





The amazing uses of Tea Tree Oil March 22, 2011

So for about a month I experienced this weird bump right behind my ear. It was not a pimple, it was bigger and it didn’t hurt, but it was there, and growing pretty fast. I was really worried that it could be a tumor, because my uncle had once had a brain tumor. So I, of course went to google for some answers. I found this oil called tea tree oil. It is made in Australia from the Tea Tree. I found a local organic shop in town that sold it. I got mine for about $8.00. It took about 3 days and the bump started getting smaller. It retracted faster than it had grown! So it only took a couple drops on my finger to solve my problem. A couple weeks later, my friend had been bitten by a spider, not a poisonous one, but the bump was about the size of a quarter. He only put it one his arm one time, and it healed the spider bite completely, within that night. Very randomnly my sister was telling me about her acne on her back. She had looked up some natural cures, and tea tree oil was in the recipe. She mixed apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil into a small jar and has been using that. She is saving herself alot of money by not buying her doctors prescrition acne treatment, Differin. So that is just three ways I myself have expreienced this natural cure. The bottle can last you forever, because it is so potent you only need a couple drops. The smell is very discintive, and it warns you on the bottle, not to put it on your face driectly. mix it with about a tablespoon of water and you will be safe to put it on your face. This is a great money saver and very healthy, compared to creams and washes. Tea tree oil is an antiseptic, and the uses are endless. Please, comment about how you are planning on using this oil, as it is amazing a small bit of oil can help with your health! I have posted a link to a website of where you can buy tea tree oil.

 For Tea Tree Oil Click Here


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