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Stress Relieving Puppies- My pitbulls April 27, 2011

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So as you may already know, I have a 2 year old pitbull puppy named Twelve Gage. Raised him since he was 6 weeks. He goes everywhere with us, on car rides, to the park, and even hiking. He knows tricks like how to play dead, rolling over, catching it off his nose, and closing the door. Never knew how smart pitbulls were until we got him!







So yesterday we rescued a girl dog for Gage. She had lived in a cage her whole 4 months of life, so we knew it would be some work. She was really timid at first, first time on a leash, first time in a car, didn’t want to go in the house, but that all changed by today. We took her to the hil behind the local college for a bit of excercise today, and she loved it. That was her first time she ever felt free in her life, and she is such a good listener. To help another dog in need makes me realize how much they relieve my stress. I feel happier and notice myself smiling more when I see Gage and this new girl dog(We haven’t come up with a name yet). Here are some pictures of the Blue Nose Pitbull beauty.

So you don’t have to have pitbulls to relieve stress, any kind of dog or cat will do. There furry friends really do make the difference, so go rescue one! =)



Weighing Down the Pounds-Part 3

So as this is part 3 of a series on losing weight and gaining more energy every day, I must say, this one was difficult for me. This is the 3rd and final blog this one focusing on extreme workouts. The first was beginner workouts and the 2nd was moderate workouts. Working out for the people looking for some spice in their lives might be doing extreme excercises. Wether your an athlete or a hobbyist, extreme excercising should be about something you love to do. I am not a triathalon athlete, and not a daredevil, never skydived, bungee jumped, extreme rock climbed, gone wakeboarding , I’ve done nothing too crazy. Except the other day, I found a way to mix something I love, into extreme workouts.Austin and I went to a place in the San Bernardino, Ca Forest to a series of waterfalls called Bonita Falls, located in the town of Lytle Creek.

Weve been to Lytle Creek many times, and the times before this a park ranger told us about the 70 foot waterfalls, so we planned to take a trip back up there soon. We went up there last Saturday, and what an experience that was!

You start out crossing this small creek, barely up to your ankles, then there is about 10-15 mintues of flat rock crossing, and you just follow the water into this stretch of the mountains. So on the left all the sudden there is this little trail going up. You climb that (Its difficult but not too much) and the trail lasts about another 7-10 minutes. it ends up right in front of a waterfall. This waterfall is about 70 feet high. The mist of the falling water cools you down after that tough climb.

Heres some pictures of the intensity of it. =)

The trail ends next to the pool of water the waterfall falls into. It is surprisngly only like 3-4 feet deep , but the water was too cold to go in( Not until summer). You can touch the waterfall! So crazy. Then there is this huge slab of rock my boyfriend wanted to climb up, so up we went. The view was breathtaking, and that set us about halfway up the waterfall, but not able to touch it anymore. The day after, my legs were so sore. It was worth the climb, and I felt better after a couple days of recovery. I consider this extreme excercising, because we drove 30 minutes to get there, and took another 30 to hike there, and it was no easy hike! Extreme Excercising has to be done carefully, and make sure it is something you love to do. Being in nature I would say is the most popular way to extremely workout. You feel part of the earth when your out there, it relieves stress and improves your bodys functions. Some people do exercise everyday, but I know it is hard. So at least try to extremely excercise once a month to start! You will feel better in no time!

Much love from GreenLif3


Foods that boost your memory! April 1, 2011

The superfoods to save your memory. 

 And other important memory enhancing ideas!

 note: All foods listed here are healthier for you uncooked because when you cook them, the vitamins and nutrients cook away. Best to eat these foods raw. Enjoy!

They are fatty acids, which are actually healthy for the body to comsume. You can get this from fish, like salmon, tuna, halibut, mackarel, sardines, and herring. Fish will also lower your risk for alzheimers diesease. They have fish oil pills which snell or taste nothing like fish. Don’t like fish? Other sources of omega-3’s are flazseed, flaxseed oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and soybeans.

Dark leafy greens.

Veggies like Broccoli, spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula, asparagus contain antioxidents that improve memory drastically. Making them into a salad is realtively easy.


Blueberries are the leading fruit to improve your memory. These small berries pack a powerful punch of antioxident power that stimulates the brian cells and repairs the damaged ones.


This fruit is dark red in color and is great used in a juicer. It is a powerful fruit that is often taken for granted. One cup of promegrante juice daily will decrease alzheimers, dementia, improve cell function and keep the brain healthy.

Orange fruits.

Fruits such as mangos, apricots, cantoloupe, and watermelon (I know it’s red) can also improve the areas of the brain relating to memory. They are superfoods that are rich in antioxidants and are vital to keep the cells working healthy and multiplying.

Red Wine.

Used in moderation ( NO more then 1 glass a day for women and 2 for men a day). Red wine is made from red grapes which have the vitamin reservatrol. This vitamin is the best known blood flow increaser. More blood flow to your brain means more brain power and longer thinking capabilities. Other reservatrol options are grape juice, cranberry juice, fresh grapes, berries and peanuts.


Other vital ways to improve memory.

Excercise the brain.

Regular excercise helps the oxygen flow to the brain and helps slow disorders that increase memory loss like diabetes, and cardiovascular (heart) dieseases. This enhances the brains chemicals and protects those precious brain cells.


Going to sleep at a good time every night for a reasonable amount of hours is what the brain needs to recharge. Sleep deprivation is difficult to function under, and it can cause a whole load of health problems.

Interact with others.

Its important to have good relationships with the people in your life. Activites like going to the movies or dinner with friends or family, can help your brain feel at ease and excercise healthy. Pick up a hobby that you love, and practice it regularly for optimum brain power. Even pets can be a good way to improve your memory, having responsibilites that you enjoy, and interacting with the outside world.


This one is vital for your brain to stay happy. Your body feels better after laughing, and surprisingly enough, many adults go the whole day with out smiling or laughing once. It can enhance the serotonin in your brain to help improve the brain cells power. Anyone who is happier will live longer. Learn to laugh at yourself, and small stressful situations, laugh and talk to your children often, after all its a start.

Stress has to stay low.

I know it’s hard, when your always working. Stress can get the best of you. Stress accounts for many dieseases and health problems. Everytime you feel the stress start to rise, Slow down take a deep breath, and think of the most positive part of the situation. Practice mediation and do something that relaxes you like music, or a bath.

I really hope these ideas become a part of your everyday life!! Any comments, critic or ideas of your own are greatly appreciated!  Thank you,  Greenlif3.


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