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Solar USB Charger October 18, 2012

After buying this, I will never rely on an outlet again!! I was skeptical at first, but I have been reading into it, and I see that it is compatible with many things, my cell phone, ipad, everything. I am so excited, and to think I could getit from amazon!! Score!!


Solar Panels for a brighter future. April 12, 2011

So I have decided to put solar panels on my house, which for me a perfectionist, I am going to do alot of research first. It seems that
Solar Spheral
has everything I will need, and I am debating on how many panels to install. The question is, do I want to have no bill or a small electric bill every month. Of course the answer is obvious, but as I am on a small budget, I have to do this the right way.
So I found out that to put together your solar panels, you will need cells, wiring, and diodes, which thankfully come with one of their fancy kits. I thought for sure I was going to have to learn a bunch of mumbo jumbo from multiple sites, but I didn’t.

They have a email support, which is nice, because I really don’t know what I’m doing to put this stuff on my house. But all in all, its a project that Im ready to tackle, in the hopes of my electric bills diminishing. Soon my house will be basking in the sun and soaking it up like my puppy, who loves to sun bath. It makes me wonder, does he store energy much like the solar cells?
Anyways, to anyone out there who knows a bit about solar panels, please help! Any suggestions or any comments, will help greatly. I have a two story house, which I will put the cells on the only one story roof, which faces the east, and gets all the sun. I have a 1,205 sq. ft. house. Thank you!


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