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These “green” handbags fascinate me! March 25, 2011

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So I posted a little bit on these handbags the other day, but I keep going back to this site because of its smarts.The companys name is Passchal. They use old tractor tire inner tubes and have been doing this for quite awhile. The couple who owns this company takes tire inner tubes from like 5 different states and transforms them into these beautiful handbags. It just shows you, what kind of art can be made from nothing and how amazing it can turn out!


Turning old tires into handbags! March 23, 2011

tire pile

Passchals Handbags is the leading edge of how a company should recycle and reuse. They take old tires and clean, cut, and sew them into a variety of styles of handbags. This could dramatically impact those tire piles that sit there not decomposing, and taking up space. This is one of the smartest green products I have seen and the handbags are so cute and inexpensive! Any of these pictures will take you to their site, you just have to see things like this for yourself! I give Passchal props on leading the world to better habits, and teaching generations to come how to reuse old things!