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Organic Wine for Valentines January 31, 2011

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organic-vegan-biodynamic wines

Organic Wine can be found in the southern part of France.

The interesting story behind them is that Veronique, the founder is part of a family
whom has grown wine for more than 200 years.
Her grandfather and father both had grown grapes before her.
In 1972 her grandfather started experimenting to bring healthier grapes
for us and the environment.
Its really nice because Veronique started her own Organic Wine Company
so that people in the united States
were able to get this organic french wine!

These two wines are my favorite.
The one on the left is called 2008 Chateau Veronique, It is rich and dark. The taste is sweet with the blend of blackberries and grapes, it melted in my mouth.
The one on the right is 2009 Rose Saint Bousquette. It is a pink color, and what I thought was different was it does taste dry and full of scents and flavors with a dash of roses.
This one is definetly lighter on the stomach. The reason I bought this one, was the high rated stature of it.
These are the least expensive organic wines I have seen yet.

They are perfect for Valentines day, especially if you have a special someone.