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Mean Green Machine! Green Juice that keeps you healthy! August 8, 2012

This juice is amazing!! At first, I thought it looked green and that it might taste bad, but was I wrong!! It is so yummy and healthy! It has a blend of kiwi, apples, pineapple, many green and delicious fruits!! It also has a kick of other ingredients that aren’t in our daily diet, but are necessary for healthy functioning of our bodies.

 Spirulina, chollera, broccoli, garlic, blue green algae, barley grass the list goes on.

I would love to post the importance of each of these items, because we americans seriously lack vitamins and minerals in our diets. One cup is a serving, so this big bottle comes with a couple days worth of yumminess. It is made by Boathouse farms, which is just as good as the same type of thing made by Naked Juices. There is also a million other flavors, with different types of fruit and combos. This green one is definetly the most power packed with minerals. I bought it at my local Stater Bros Grocery Store, and should be available any where near you. =]


9 Superfoods January 24, 2011

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9 Superfoods

These 9 Superfoods are as healthy as it can get. Each one has a different purpose and keeps the bodys functions up to optium health. These aren’t the only healthy foods out there, but they are just a collection of a group called “superfoods” that can keep you energized and feeling great all day.


Spirulina is a little green plant that does wonders. It makes number one on the list simply because it carries more protein then any type of meat, plant, or bean. It packs a powerful little punch and can mostly be found in supermarkets in smoothies and purees. It can give you good vitamins like c and A. This plant can keep your genergy levels at an all time high all day.

2. Salmon

Salmon contains the must haves omega-3 fatty acids. Omegas are the good fatty acids for you, that are low calorie and low in cholesterol.  If salmon was the only meat you ate, you would live to be so old! Did you know that there are over 100,000 people in Japan that are over the age of 100?

3. Blueberries

Like all berries, blueberries offer something nice right from mother nature. This blue small berry is known for its memory saving abilities. If you eat blueberries at least once a week at any age it can preserve those memory cells, and prevent them from dying. Even if your golden age these berries can reverse the effects of aging and your memory loss. Instead of dementia or alzheimers pills, try blueberries, and see how that goes! Even if you don’t  like to eat them whole,you can add them to a smoothie!


Broccoli is a green vegetable that is good for a number of things. It contains a high amount of Vitamin A and vitamin C which can prevent or slow cancer, and can restabilize your eyesight.  It is always better to eat your veggies raw, as none of the vitamins have been cooked away. So the best way to eat broccoli is to eat it with dip, or in a salad. Even if you make it in a stir fry or in a soup, the plant can do wonders.

5.Sweet Potatoes

The trick with vegetables is that the color of the vegetable has a certain amount of a vitamin you need. So when you have orange sweet potatoes you mostly have the vitamin A in there. vitamin A can do wonders for your eyes. If you comsume orange vegetables at least 3-4 times a week, you can reverse the effects of your eyesight. Sweet Potatoes are often overlooked for nutritious value, and they are easy to substitue french fries for sweet potatoe fries.


There is a reason popeye opened a can of spinach everytime he needed strength. This leafy green can offer alot of vitamin A and C.  It can help muscle and bone strength and development.  It is best to eat it raw, instead of cooked. Most people buy lettuce for their salads. Try mixing half lettuce and half spinach to your salads, that way your body is getting those dark greens that fight cancer.


This beloved fruit first caught my eye at school. It was the most popular fruit served at lunchtime. This delicious light green fruit has maganesium, posstasium, and fiber. These vitamins help lower cholesterol and gives you energy. If you have heart problems, this is the snack for you!


All kinds if legumes are good for you! These have more protein than any meat, without all the fat and cholesterol. Beans are inexpensive and easy to make. Each kind of bean has different wonders about it. But all in all, they all give you the nutrients of meat, without the meat. Beans are easy to grow and can make a million different dishes.

9.Green Tea

I saved the best for last. Green Tea is the best known food/drink  that can cure cancer. Yes i said cure. People that drink green tea everyday, seen a signifcant faster rate of recovery. If you drink green tea alot in your younger days, you can kiss the thought of cancer good bye. It helps regulate the body and slows down and growth of abnormal cells. They say they are still searching for a “cure.”  The cures are around us in our grocer stores, in our faces everyday. Its up to us to eat healthy and convince our loved ones to do the same. I personally have had my grandmother die of lung cancer.  If I was older, at the time, I might have had a chance to help her live another 5 – 10 years.  All i can do now that I am aware of foods cure, is to spread the word and love.


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