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Waterfalls Close to Home September 1, 2011

Im sure many Southern Californians do not know these waterfalls exist, yet they are huge! Once you climb up enough to get to the waterfall, you can feel the air get lighter and cooler. Here in Cali it has been getting over a hundred degrees everyday, so going to the waterfall was a great idea. It is 70 feet tall, and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. If you live any where by a mountain there is a chance for a waterfall. The place we went to is called Bonita Falls, but is in the town of Lytle Creek. It is less than a mile off the road so it is fairly easy. It cost me $5 to park, and they gave me a map of the waterfalls at the ranger station. Its too hard to explain in anything but pictures!!






Three Ways to be Greener August 16, 2011

I came across this app/site the other day that tracks your mileage and carbon footprint of your weekly commute. Its simple and eco friendly to use.


There are many plastic bags being thrown in landfills everyday. The best idea is for us to reuse the bags we have, and these ecobags are durable and lightweight. Once you get enough bags, you can prevent 15 bags or more from being sent to a landfill.
This is my goal to buy some after this next paycheck.


These reusable water bottles make life easy. They filter the water inside the bottle, and when you drink it, it is refreshing and smart. I bring one to work every day because I use water bottles anyway. I save at least 30 plastic bottles a month by switching to a reusable bottle in general. I even try to reuse the plastic ones when necessary. If everyone switched to resuable bottles, they would stop throwing away plastic ones and the earth would appreciate it.

Hydros Filtering Water Bottles


Saving water in the summertime August 9, 2011

There are three things you can do to easy at home, and it could save a ton of water and every year.
I have been really inspired to save more water, because here in Southern Cali it is like a desert, and it has rained only once this whole summer. Water is important to survival out here.

1.) Make your sprinklers run in the nighttime, or early morning(set a timer)

2.) Put three drops of any color food coloring in the tank(top part) of the toilet. If any color leaks into the bowl within 20 minutes then you have a leak in your toilet and it is constantly costing you money. From there, Home Depot can help. ūüėČ

3.) Make your load of dishes or laundry larger, so less cycles are ran. Buy energy star appliances, and run them after the sun goes down.


Weighing Down the Pounds-Part 3 April 27, 2011

So as this is part 3 of a series on losing weight and gaining more energy every day, I must say, this one was difficult for me. This is the 3rd and final blog this one focusing on extreme workouts. The first was beginner workouts¬†and the 2nd was moderate workouts. Working out for the people looking for some spice in¬†their¬†lives might be doing extreme excercises. Wether your an athlete or¬†a hobbyist, extreme excercising should be about something you love to do. I am not a triathalon athlete, and not a daredevil, never skydived, bungee jumped, extreme rock climbed, gone wakeboarding , I’ve done nothing too crazy. Except the other day, I found a way to mix something I love, into extreme workouts.Austin and I¬†went to a place in the San Bernardino, Ca Forest to a series of waterfalls called Bonita Falls, located in the town of Lytle Creek.

Weve been to Lytle Creek many times, and the times before this a park ranger told us about the 70 foot waterfalls, so we planned to take a trip back up there soon. We went up there last Saturday, and what an experience that was!

You start out crossing this small creek, barely up to your ankles, then there is about 10-15 mintues of flat rock crossing, and you just follow the water into this stretch of the mountains. So on the left all the sudden there is this little trail going up. You climb that (Its difficult but not too much) and the trail lasts about another 7-10 minutes. it ends up right in front of a waterfall. This waterfall is about 70 feet high. The mist of the falling water cools you down after that tough climb.

Heres some pictures of the intensity of it. =)

The trail ends next to the pool of water the waterfall falls into. It is surprisngly only like 3-4 feet deep , but the water was too cold to go in( Not until summer). You can touch the waterfall! So crazy. Then there is this huge slab of rock my boyfriend wanted to climb up, so up we went. The view was breathtaking, and that set us about halfway up the waterfall, but not able to touch it anymore. The day after, my legs were so sore. It was worth the climb, and I felt better after a couple days of recovery. I consider this extreme excercising, because we drove 30 minutes to get there, and took another 30 to hike there, and it was no easy hike! Extreme Excercising has to be done carefully, and make sure it is something you love to do. Being in nature I would say is the most popular way to extremely workout. You feel part of the earth when your out there, it relieves stress and improves your bodys functions. Some people do exercise everyday, but I know it is hard. So at least try to extremely excercise once a month to start! You will feel better in no time!

Much love from GreenLif3


Water and how thinking affects it. March 31, 2011

This post will be part of a 3 part series on the importance of water and positive and negative thoughts. This is the first.

I want to share something that has been thought of by many. That our words and thoughts affect things around us. For example, Dr. Emoto Masaru, from Japan, has been studying the relationship between the two for years. He did a couple mind blowing experiments.

The first I seen was an experiment on the thoughts of humans and how it affects water. They would think different things to water samples and cryogenically freeze them, quickly. They looked at the molecules of the frozen water under a microscope. The results were breathtaking and lifechanging. This is the video I watched.

The second experiment I watched was with rice. They had three beakers, they put rice in. They added water to each of them. Every day to the first jar he said, Thank you to the jar. The second he said you are an idiot. The third he ignored completely. The results were even more shocking then the snowflake experiment. Here it is.

So are water is the essence of all life. Looking at other planets to see if there is life, we look for water. We are made up of 70-90% water. There is only 1% fresh water on earth. The other belongs to 97% salt water and 2% icecaps. We use water for everything. After seeing this, I know I will pray silently to my water before drinking it, using it to cook, and even before watering my plants. I hope you will too!


Love for the word green.

Lately, I have been putting a lot of thought into the two words love and green. I have been in love myself for 7 years, since I was a freshman in high school. His name is Austin. =) Anyways, I understand now after all this time,  that you cannot love another human, without loving yourself first. You have to love who you are, love your body, your mind, your spirit. All these things make up who you are. Once you acheieve the love for yourself, love for another comes naturally. Its all about positive thinking in life. If you think positive more then negative in your day, you will find yourself happier, more motivated, kinder to others, and more likely to change the world. I read a quote once that said,

”¬†Those who say they can’t change the world but ¬†they can make a difference, will make a difference. Those who say they can change the world, will change the world.¬†” -anonymous

I believe that the whole green movement, is important yes. BUT the whole global warming crisis mixed with the US recession, they put in our brains through tv, internet, you name it. It makes us feel afraid that the earth is melting like a giant ice cube. We are forgetting that at one time before dinosaurs the planet was a massive fireball. Nonetheless, what REALLY is important is the things we do in our lifestyle. I admit myself, I am not perfect, I take long showers, don’t always recycle, have produced carbon dioxide from my car, the list goes on. The other day I realized, that all it would take is a couple lifestyle changes a day to make my life greener. Not saying I can fix all these things in one day, but maybe if my mindframe changed, I could begin the process of helping the earth and humans, but more directly myself. Just the thinking of positive ways to enhance my green life can change the way I think about alot of things. It will definently motivate me to do things in my life that I am afraid of doing, because I believe I cannot do it.

The key to green is to believe you can do it.

Just telling yourself ” I can do it” can make your mind change about your situation. For instance in my life I am going through a major career change. I was a gymnastics coach, I quit that a year ago to pursure a pharmacy technician career. I studied the books at home without any school and went and took the National Test. I passed!! Now I am state certified in California, but looking for a job that will hire me with no experience. At days I feel like theres no hope, and others I feel like my fear has vanished,¬† since I studied the books at home learning countless hours of math and pharmacy terms without a teacher, I know in my heart, the hardest part of this career change is over. The continuous interviews, and stopping into pharmacies 4-5 times a month can be seen as intimidating, and believe me, it is. The part of learning how to be a career persuer is believing in myself. If I keep trying I know I will land it. In fact, Im positive it will happen.

So back to the green stuff. I know this post is long, and my others will not be, but this is important to me.  I am positive that spreading the word about the real green issues is vital for us as humans beings to change the earth, and to respect that the earth gives us food, water, shelter, and life. The real green issues lies in our homes, and our brains. We rely on technology these days to help us live, we create so much trash everyday, we use harmful chemicals to clean our home, around our kids and pets. All these things cannot be fixed or illiminated completely, but they can be changed. I would start with something very simple. Collect your cans and botttles and recycle once a month. Maybe switch all your cleaning products, or most of them to organic products. A really important one is to constantly teach your children the importance of the earth. Teach them how to plant seeds and care for them everyday, teach them why water is important, and why we must keep it clean. Teach them, and learn yourself,  ways to improve your thinking. Teach them positive and negative. If you are stressed everyday and take it out on them, learn to not. They will grow up and learn how to treat their children, and how to teach them. Trust me, even if your 80 years old, there is still something to learn. You are never too old to change your way of thinking, your lifestyle, or your learning capabilites. Believe in yourself. And I know that is the core to the definition to green. After thinking of all this, I went and painted a green painting. It is the picture at the top of the page. I had faith in myself, and I did it. You can do anything you put your mind to, so get out there! Make a change.


Helping Japan. March 22, 2011

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As you may already know, Japan has suffered a huge crisis. The 9.0 Earthquake that hit last week, caused a huge tsunami to wipe out many coastal cities.¬†As if that wasn’t bad enough, a nuclear power plant lost power and started to leak nuclear radiation. ¬†The death toll is at¬†10,000 and ¬†rising, and there is over 15,000 people still missing. Many countries have already sent support and search dogs to help the rescue, but every donation can help. Here is the link for the red cross, which is definetely the most promising source to donate to. Even if it is only a dollar, there are billions in the United States alone to help. A dollar from each person would equal to alot of money!

There are still earthquakes happening every hour or so in Japan. To see the list thanks to the USGS, I have put it here in this link. Pray for Japan to have a quick a safe recovery. Click the red cross to donate!

List of Recent Earthquakes in Japan


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