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Saving water in the summertime August 9, 2011

There are three things you can do to easy at home, and it could save a ton of water and every year.
I have been really inspired to save more water, because here in Southern Cali it is like a desert, and it has rained only once this whole summer. Water is important to survival out here.

1.) Make your sprinklers run in the nighttime, or early morning(set a timer)

2.) Put three drops of any color food coloring in the tank(top part) of the toilet. If any color leaks into the bowl within 20 minutes then you have a leak in your toilet and it is constantly costing you money. From there, Home Depot can help. 😉

3.) Make your load of dishes or laundry larger, so less cycles are ran. Buy energy star appliances, and run them after the sun goes down.


Making Statements and Being Green. July 1, 2011

The best way to think of going green, is to think of how to improve your life, and the earths life. It can be anything helping you save money, or doing something positive for the earth.  Like if you switch from plastic water bottles, to filtered water and resuable bottles, then you would save all the money you would be buying the plastic bottles for. Simple things like watering the grass at night, instead of the middle of the day, because the plants absorb it better, and you will need less water to keep the grass green.


Summer Ideas

Dog Toys out of old clothes. I really enjoy this video!



You can get handbags made out of old tractor inner tubes. This is making a difference to all the inner tubes and tires piles we have made.

Have a fun Fourth of July!!


Must Have Eco Bags for the Summer May 28, 2011

Passchal has continued to amaze me that these beautiful purses were once old tractor inner tubes.
Somehow they transform something so industrial into something so fancy. I absolutly love it.
These are my favorite summer picks.


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