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Energy Saving Lightbulbs May 11, 2011

This is something I have been putting off for awhile, but I finally decided to order some energy saving lightbulbs. These lightbulbs are said to have used 75% less energy and last ten times longer. They will save me $40 per bulb throughout their lifetime. I got them from amazon(god knows they have like anything you could want) and I am having them shipped to my house. I paid a very reasonable price for them, considering that I will be saving money on my electricity bill. So in about a week when they arrive I will have officially switched all my regular lightbulbs for energy saving ones. =)


Green Tax Rebates-what can and can’t be claimed April 11, 2011

So today I painfully did my taxes. I used the turbo tax so it was surprisingly easy. They came to a portion that showed me about tax rebates for green renovations done to your home. I wanted to post them as a guide for what to expect a rebate on your return for, and what not too. It would be a wise list to know because when purchasing a product and thinking it will give you money back, you might be wrong. Here is the list:

Green renovations you can claim

solar water heating costs

solar electric costs

fuel cell property costs

small wind energy costs

geothermal heat pump property costs

qualified central air conditioners

certain advanced main air circulating fans

exterior doors, extrerior windows and skylights

metal or asphalt roofs with qualified coatings

insulation material or system to reduce heat loss

certain electric heat pumps water heater, electirc heat pumps

natural gas, propane or oil furnaces or oil hot water boilers


Green Renovations that cannot be claimed

certain energy star labeled products

energy saving light blubs

low flow showerheads

low flush toilets

So I was  a little shocked to see some of the energystar appliances cannot be claimed, It would be a good question to ask when buying one. The low flush showerheads and toilets, should be on the list, but aren’t. The government must consider them  too low of a cost to report. Even so, keep up the good work of renovating in a positive way!


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