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Energy Saving Lightbulbs May 11, 2011

This is something I have been putting off for awhile, but I finally decided to order some energy saving lightbulbs. These lightbulbs are said to have used 75% less energy and last ten times longer. They will save me $40 per bulb throughout their lifetime. I got them from amazon(god knows they have like anything you could want) and I am having them shipped to my house. I paid a very reasonable price for them, considering that I will be saving money on my electricity bill. So in about a week when they arrive I will have officially switched all my regular lightbulbs for energy saving ones. =)


Cannibis Culture- April 20th 2011 April 20, 2011

Since today was the world recognized cannabis day, referred to as “420,” I thought I would share a bit of insight. Marijuana is a touchy subject with some, and I understand there is  good and bad.  Living in Southern California means seeing marijuana is a regular, not crazy thing, and I would say about 30-40% of people my age have a Cannabis Medical Card. If you have never heard of this special card, it pretty much means you can go into a Medical Marijuana Clinic and “donate” money for marijuana and legally smoke and grow it. Pretty crazy, I know. California is not the only state with these special medical circumstances, There are other states that have legalized the medical use, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Dc, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. 

So the question is “Is this law being over abused?”

My answer to that is Yes. Here in California, a special cannabis card doctor will prescribe you Marijuana Card if you have troubling sleeping, eating, are terminally ill, or have muscle or joint pains, the list goes on. You make an appointment at a clinic and the doctor talks to you for about 15 minutes, then if you pay the usual $30-150 dollars, you get the card. It’s brainless. That is definitely the downside to it, too many people having a card might make the government revoke the rules. It’s a big “if” of course.

The good side to this, is patients that have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis can now buy marijuana safely and legally. Marijuana does have many medicinal qualities to it. It is the only thing that will make you hungry, and in my opinion is better than ever using a sleeping pill, or other pills for treatment. So it is considered a safe alternative.

They even have Marijuana schools in California now, to teach you how to open a business, grow it properly, or to just know your rights and laws. It has changed drastically in the past years, and can be considered by some a horrible thing, and by others a blessing.  

Whatever your take is on it, I would like to hear, and wether good or bad, its your opinion, and a great debate question!


Solar Panel Review April 1, 2011

Solar Panels.

Many think it is expensive to add solar panels to your house. Just in the last 6 months two of my neighbors have added solar panels. So it got me thinking, there is got to be an easy way to do this, and at a good price. I found this website.

What I enjoyed about this site was that they had learning kits, if you felt a little afraid to do it yourself, but wanted to learn how. I bought the first learning tool listed.

They are a company based in Colorado, and they live off the grid themselves. I was really pleased with the timely manner they answered my questions through email. I would recommend reasearching how to install this, but once you do, its easy.

Heres a couple examples of What the solar kits look like from their site.

60-Watt charging solar kit

Sun set: Complete 1.8 kW grid tie solar kit

So keep in mind that you will need a sunny area on your house or yard, from 11:00Am to 6:00 PM daily. You can recieve tax rebates for your solar panels depending on your systems performance. You can start small and add more in the future, anything taking away from your electricity bill is worth it! If you spend from $100-200 a month on electric power, I would highly suggest switching to solar power.They also have charging kits for your cell phones or laptops, which are very useful! They charge in the sun then you can bring them inside to use them. My house is under construction right now, I will provide pictures when it is finished.


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