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Making Statements and Being Green. July 1, 2011

The best way to think of going green, is to think of how to improve your life, and the earths life. It can be anything helping you save money, or doing something positive for the earth.  Like if you switch from plastic water bottles, to filtered water and resuable bottles, then you would save all the money you would be buying the plastic bottles for. Simple things like watering the grass at night, instead of the middle of the day, because the plants absorb it better, and you will need less water to keep the grass green.


Summer Ideas

Dog Toys out of old clothes. I really enjoy this video!



You can get handbags made out of old tractor inner tubes. This is making a difference to all the inner tubes and tires piles we have made.

Have a fun Fourth of July!!


Earth Day 2011 April 20, 2011

So Earth day is scheduled for April 22nd 2011. I was just curious, because I can’t think of a thing unique to do for Earth Day..So I was wondering what everybodys else great ideas were. I feel it is my duty to Mother Earth to show my respect and gratitude on Earth Day.

Last year I made  my Green Lif3 site  So it will be my one year anniversary! Thats about how long it took me to kick off the website anyways! I am glad that I spent the entire year writing and researching green ideas. I know I can make an impact in at least someones life, and that alone makes me happy!

Let me know your ideas, I would love to post them, and I promise I will post a list of my ideas, before April 22nd! Thank you for your feedback! 

The art above, is just a little design I made! =)


Earth Day 2011 April 7, 2011

So no matter which country you live in, Earth Day should be important to you because, we all live on earth. So I have one question,

on April 22nd, what are you planning on doing for earth day?

 you can write a comment on this post displaying what you feel would be a good way to help ou the earth! Thanks for your opnion and I will be posting my earth day adventure soon!


Love for the word green. March 31, 2011

Lately, I have been putting a lot of thought into the two words love and green. I have been in love myself for 7 years, since I was a freshman in high school. His name is Austin. =) Anyways, I understand now after all this time,  that you cannot love another human, without loving yourself first. You have to love who you are, love your body, your mind, your spirit. All these things make up who you are. Once you acheieve the love for yourself, love for another comes naturally. Its all about positive thinking in life. If you think positive more then negative in your day, you will find yourself happier, more motivated, kinder to others, and more likely to change the world. I read a quote once that said,

” Those who say they can’t change the world but  they can make a difference, will make a difference. Those who say they can change the world, will change the world. ” -anonymous

I believe that the whole green movement, is important yes. BUT the whole global warming crisis mixed with the US recession, they put in our brains through tv, internet, you name it. It makes us feel afraid that the earth is melting like a giant ice cube. We are forgetting that at one time before dinosaurs the planet was a massive fireball. Nonetheless, what REALLY is important is the things we do in our lifestyle. I admit myself, I am not perfect, I take long showers, don’t always recycle, have produced carbon dioxide from my car, the list goes on. The other day I realized, that all it would take is a couple lifestyle changes a day to make my life greener. Not saying I can fix all these things in one day, but maybe if my mindframe changed, I could begin the process of helping the earth and humans, but more directly myself. Just the thinking of positive ways to enhance my green life can change the way I think about alot of things. It will definently motivate me to do things in my life that I am afraid of doing, because I believe I cannot do it.

The key to green is to believe you can do it.

Just telling yourself ” I can do it” can make your mind change about your situation. For instance in my life I am going through a major career change. I was a gymnastics coach, I quit that a year ago to pursure a pharmacy technician career. I studied the books at home without any school and went and took the National Test. I passed!! Now I am state certified in California, but looking for a job that will hire me with no experience. At days I feel like theres no hope, and others I feel like my fear has vanished,  since I studied the books at home learning countless hours of math and pharmacy terms without a teacher, I know in my heart, the hardest part of this career change is over. The continuous interviews, and stopping into pharmacies 4-5 times a month can be seen as intimidating, and believe me, it is. The part of learning how to be a career persuer is believing in myself. If I keep trying I know I will land it. In fact, Im positive it will happen.

So back to the green stuff. I know this post is long, and my others will not be, but this is important to me.  I am positive that spreading the word about the real green issues is vital for us as humans beings to change the earth, and to respect that the earth gives us food, water, shelter, and life. The real green issues lies in our homes, and our brains. We rely on technology these days to help us live, we create so much trash everyday, we use harmful chemicals to clean our home, around our kids and pets. All these things cannot be fixed or illiminated completely, but they can be changed. I would start with something very simple. Collect your cans and botttles and recycle once a month. Maybe switch all your cleaning products, or most of them to organic products. A really important one is to constantly teach your children the importance of the earth. Teach them how to plant seeds and care for them everyday, teach them why water is important, and why we must keep it clean. Teach them, and learn yourself,  ways to improve your thinking. Teach them positive and negative. If you are stressed everyday and take it out on them, learn to not. They will grow up and learn how to treat their children, and how to teach them. Trust me, even if your 80 years old, there is still something to learn. You are never too old to change your way of thinking, your lifestyle, or your learning capabilites. Believe in yourself. And I know that is the core to the definition to green. After thinking of all this, I went and painted a green painting. It is the picture at the top of the page. I had faith in myself, and I did it. You can do anything you put your mind to, so get out there! Make a change.


Earth Hour 2011 March 26, 2011

So today, at 8:30 Central Time Earth is celebrating Earth Hour. Which means for one hour, it is every individual persons duty to participate. Earth gives us life and food and shelter, we need to give our grattitude and thanks. It can be something simple like, getting cans ready to recycle tomorrow, (if you never do), making an organic dinner, cleaning the trash on your neighborhood. Something that you would never do any other day!! For me I am going to take a walk to the hills nearby my house, and clean up some trash and plant some little plants. It won’t cost me that much, and I will feel like I helped the Earth in some great way! Its a simple hour of your time. The benefits of doing something good always overweigh every other feeling in life.There are so many things you could do, that are small, but could help our earth so much. Donating to Japans natural disaster, I would say is just as great! Whatever you choose, just do it sometime today, It doesn’t HAVE to be in that hour, but as long as its today, your helping out!


Turning old tires into handbags! March 23, 2011

tire pile

Passchals Handbags is the leading edge of how a company should recycle and reuse. They take old tires and clean, cut, and sew them into a variety of styles of handbags. This could dramatically impact those tire piles that sit there not decomposing, and taking up space. This is one of the smartest green products I have seen and the handbags are so cute and inexpensive! Any of these pictures will take you to their site, you just have to see things like this for yourself! I give Passchal props on leading the world to better habits, and teaching generations to come how to reuse old things!


Helping Japan. March 22, 2011

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As you may already know, Japan has suffered a huge crisis. The 9.0 Earthquake that hit last week, caused a huge tsunami to wipe out many coastal cities. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a nuclear power plant lost power and started to leak nuclear radiation.  The death toll is at 10,000 and  rising, and there is over 15,000 people still missing. Many countries have already sent support and search dogs to help the rescue, but every donation can help. Here is the link for the red cross, which is definetely the most promising source to donate to. Even if it is only a dollar, there are billions in the United States alone to help. A dollar from each person would equal to alot of money!

There are still earthquakes happening every hour or so in Japan. To see the list thanks to the USGS, I have put it here in this link. Pray for Japan to have a quick a safe recovery. Click the red cross to donate!

List of Recent Earthquakes in Japan